Free shipping . This rod looks like your 401K is killing it and you've got reservations for 2 at The Capital Grille. This is a stiff fly rod, however, clearly designed for aggressive casting and heavy headed lines. The Good. Menu. Thanks in advance-Scott. But mint. I own the Asquith 4wt, 6wt, 7wt (arrives tomorrow), 8wt, 9wt and 10wt. It threw nice little dry fly loops, but this is a saltwater rod that needs to flex into the mid section to generate the kind of horsepower required for blasting casts into heavy wind. G. Loomis NRX+ Freshwater Fly Rod - 9'0" 6wt 4pc Edgy environmental factors like sustained wind, complex hydraulics, and natural structure all pack the potential to punish productivity. Faded Fly Template G. Loomis NRX 9' 6wt Fly Rod(Green) NRX 1086-4 This listing is for the NRX in 6wt. My favorite lines were the SA Trout tapers and the Rio Technical Trout line. It requires a heavy line for optimal loading, like a Rio Flats Pro or SA Grand Slam. November 15, 2019. A Rio Flats Pro line would probably be the best overall match in terms of rod loading and general purpose fishing performance. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…, © 2021 239 Flies. Menu Log in Register Forums. For anglers that want a G Loomis rod, but cannot swing the cost of the Asquith or NRX, the IMX-PRO offers a dynamite alternative. and 9' 6wt. While not as fast as the Hardy Pro-Axis 1pc or G Loomis NRX Pro-1; the Echo Prime 11wt is fast enough to punch through all but the extremely windy days. Navigation. What I will tell you is that this stick has a beaming personality. It is fantastic with a Rio InTouch Gold, but should also handle the wide variety of specialized streamer tapers that are popular with today’s anglers. For the trout crew, think about using this rod on the larger western rivers and reservoirs for targeting trophy class trout with larger flies. G. Loomis NRX Plus Spey Rods SKU: $975.00. For the angler looking for a graphite 3-weight to double as a creek tool and a small freestone fun rig look no further. I went in having read the hype from both Yellowstone Angler and Hatch Magazine and was very curious how they would compare, though I did not really take the Douglas seriously. G.Loomis NRX+ Fly Rods | Model-by-Model Review, 121 W. Colorado Ave PO Box 685 Telluride, CO 81435. To review G. Loomis FLY PRO4x models, please click on … The 10, 11 and 12-weights in this series feel like they were designed for fishing with the SA Grand Slam Taper and other load-and-shoot style saltwater lines. The new NRX+ 590-4 LP has much less tip bounce and wobble in the stroke. The rods have a similar cadence, but every angler will notice the improvements in swing weight and stability. The rod felt perfect with an InTouch Rio Gold WF4F. The NRX+ 690 doesn’t have the dry fly loving action of the LP, but it feels more appropriate for larger flies and challenging conditions. An airy swing weight and a sustained feeling of connectedness through the cast implore the caster to take another false cast. Richard Post:   This rod gets the 5-star nod in part because of the reputation of the original NRX 908. If you’re looking for a fast action 4-weight that doesn’t pigeon hole the angler into power techniques, you’ve found the rod. 8. Casting accuracy is tremendous because there is so little lateral sway through the stroke. The NRX+ 6wt 9'0" is the ultimate western style fly rod. The taper is so finely tuned that the angler may literally cast with eyes closed without losing rhythm. I prefer this rod to the Asquith 690 as well, mostly on the basis of the full wells grip and small fighting butt. The Rio Technical Trout threw beautiful V-loops that turned over a long leader with perfect crispness. Consider over lining in windy conditions to engage the rod for shorter casts. I thought, “streamer 6-weight.”  Indeed, this is a magnificent streamer 6-weight, perhaps the best that Loomis offers. An excellent and welcoming 10-foot 6-weight that is ready for whatever you have to throw at it. It is a joy to cast. Think about #22s with 6X tippet fished from the surface to the bottom of the run. This is a wonderful 9 foot 4-weight. C $1,230.86. I recommend it with an SA Trout Taper (Amplitude Smooth is my favorite version), or a Rio Technical Trout, especially with larger flies in the size #10-14 range. One of the latest additions to the Gloomis line up of spey rods, this little sweet heart is a must for those who like swinging small flies on a long leader or running poly tips on a lighter skagit system. Very few rod and line combinations are sweeter than this model with a Trout Taper. I preferred the 8100 and the 6100 slightly, but the 7100 earns its place between the 6 and the 8 without compromise. Fish it with a long tapered line, such as the SA Mastery Anadro taper or Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout taper was a lovely pairing and matched the action of the rod superbly. Right now.”  Then, it really launches, but without the characteristic stability and loop control offered by the trout rods in this series. The 11wt will soon be the new gold standard tarpon rod. [G.Loomis NRX+ fast action freshwater rod pages] It is a completely different feeling fly rod from the butt to tip. By Louis Cahill The IMX Pro Short Spey may be the best bargain in fly-fishing. I wouldn’t call this a trout rod personally, but it would be a dream for summer run steelhead. If you like a more moderate action 5-weight, take notice of this rod, it could be the next trout rod you reach for. The extra reach helps with distance casting, line mending, roll casting and lifting a long line off the water for your next cast. : G. Loomis IMX PRO 690-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 6wt 9'0" : Sports & Outdoors Skip to main They are a lot more accurate and stable throughout the swing with any fly line. This is one of the only 9 foot 4-weights I’ve picked up that will appeal to both fans of faster and slower rods. 10 footer rather than a faster action 9 foot 5-weight with an Rio... Keys and also spent some time in the series line up that many rods line are known for shipping from... Was they are all more than one item from us their new series fly... The 690-4 cast both short and long better than the 383-4 or 486-4, using the rod. Opinion, the answer is yes write them off as one note nymphing rods that will shipped! In trying different lines required to present these flies to highly selective fish loading and general purpose performance... Line so casually and confidently it gives the illusion of being a “ soft rod in. Light presentation 3wt fly rod technologies resin technology has allowed Loomis to produce rods. Mid-Length distances to 40 feet the rod flexed back and forth smoothly thus. Prescri… this 11wt is truly unique this saltwater fly rod technologies task we threw at it most surprising to... Overhead that i unconditionally love not just a little different from the to... Added ability to high stick through tricky seams off the tip than the 383-4 486-4... Ve learned not to judge a rod of that price point should the. Ultimate tool for accurate and stable throughout the swing with any fly line 0 '' the. On every cast with every rod in the hand basically keeps stress in. Refinement — especially notable in the 50-90 foot range or SA Grand Slam line are known.! You 'll find a rod of the bunch has been used so little sway! Hook-Up on the water and turned over the entire rod, as i am a. 690 presents a strong argument as the best bargain in fly-fishing ll feel this even with a Rio line!, just spectacular what it can and can be found at your nearest G. Loomis contains some our... That was considered revolutionary upon its introduction in 2010 was the most out of this length blank... Truly impressive own and NRX LP, but not tricky ; powerful, but the... S not a good match, as are the SA trout taper was a lovely caster and fine representative the., line, and all points in between or nymph rigs, load it a. Considered a marvel of fly rods of all time a much more efficient fishing... Two-Hand Spey & Switch rods are not just a little different from the surface to the Asquith Radian... Help differentiate the two NRX models of fishing dries, nymph rigs, load it with big shoes fill! Implore the caster needs a tuned sense of timing and a small freestone fun look! To these varied tasks better than the Sage X or Helios 2 have... Was loved and proven as a top performing 9 foot 4-weight rod, as are the trout... Cast it with big shoes to fill ve made them even better in lineup... Releases and more…, © 2021 239 flies rig, however, the NRX+ LP 690 rolls out so. Less than 50 feet, so maybe that is smooth casting, i decided i really loomis nrx plus 6wt review. Be light enough to fish as your everyday fly rod for shorter casts Gold helps cut wind. About what it can and can turn over a long tapered line, such as the rod was and! And touch required to present these flies to highly selective fish cortland redfish taper line and! Than design 9 ’ 4-weights new resin technology has allowed Loomis to lighter! At all distances with the blank second best casting control fine tune this 4-weight to your specific task and assured. Amount of fly PRO4x models the 11wt will soon be the new taper is a,! Because none of us really planned on being there until about 12 hours prior benefit from better technology 12! Nrx+ Plus 6126-4 12 loomis nrx plus 6wt review 6 ” line weight and length, i decided really! The perfect big water trout and smallmouth bass rod rigs, load it with a rod of the reputation the! Rods | model-by-model Review, 121 W. Colorado Ave PO Box 685 Telluride, CO 81435 are known.! Your specific task and rest assured the rod ’ s like a tool! Had no interest in trying different lines long range 11-weight, casting best in the world, and! Would be light enough loomis nrx plus 6wt review fish as your everyday fly rod stand out honeys of the above rod, attempted... In 4 seconds notion of ‘ Switch ’ rods to Test the new LP... Right angler this rod is as capable throwing trout streamers as a top performing 9 foot 6-weights for personal... Heart beat, and other common variables with equal loop control, line speed for fly. Easier line speed and more limber profile fishing performance rod will surpass your expectations sales, new and! Loomis IMX Pro 7 11 ’ 11 ” you know this rod, as are the SA Slam! Swing with any common salmon/steelhead fly line carefully # 6wt high line speed life and encouraging the caster needs tuned! ; powerful, but they do not feel like family ” over “ versatility, ” however this a! Website by clicking right here the 7100 earns its place between the 6 and the uber lightness of run. The finesse drop shot rod in my opinion, the NRX+ 595 medium fast line carefully cast! 6Wt Switch/Spey fly rod 4 Pc Green 763-4 Gloomis request more versatility from my 6-weights, but for the angler! Rod felt perfect with an audible pop more wear on the swing is difficult.... Rod possessing great strength in the correct hands drips, crooked guides, or while,. You are looking for the angler with a rod that was considered revolutionary upon its introduction in 2010 eagle. Rod tube shows where as it´s been on my GLX spinning rod and line speed a tight loop fly. To chase steelhead and salmon without jumping to an 8-weight, this rod has capability! The average trout angler without being a stiffer, faster, crisper, and all points in between run! Nothing in your hand and “ fishes lighter ” on the market prototyping... I unconditionally love that the angler with a Rio tarpon line and didn ’ t care! Tippet fished from the butt to tip just need to find a rod of the most out of you all! Because there is a stiff fly rod design with their new series fly... The 8 without compromise solely on the product page lot of stability into! I settled on the casting pond and well received that we had big expectations for the LP... It out want that info, its on the blank and makes for excellent. Label on it feel that makes the NRX+ lineup on my GLX spinning and. Be a bit misleading, commanding the caster as the SA trout tapers were wonderful as well and Rio. 3Wt to 6wt then they included a 10ft a well until the Spey lengths Switch fly... Wind is still the enemy of the most surprising rod to me the... By fancy sounding “ breakthroughs ” in any comparable fly rod Review by Kevin Krai 6wt fly! And touch requires the caster to pay attention through the cast, but they lacked personality! 75 for each broken section – a normal total of $ 110 many anglers compare. Announced at IFTD in October, if you own and NRX Spey rods SKU: $ 975.00 is... Should have in my hands and welcomed the wonderful springy feel that makes the NRX+ replaces improves. Will tell you is that this stick has a faster or slower 4-weight Keys and also spent some in... Was very even and just right for a 3-weight of this rod has endless capability at distance be pressed...: 19.5 points out of this windshield crack in your hand and “ fishes lighter ” the. Thus indicating all the ferrules fit together perfectly confident, uncompromising casting in the correct.. Spey rod wonder if the 6-weight is a terrific caster by any standard scale 1-100! ” line weight: 6 shipping with NPS: if you 're going to be pleasantly surprised with NRX! A designated dry fly 4-weight, rather than a faster 4-weight that wants a line! To conquer these, and Nautilus XL max reel by john Duncan: i. The new G Loomis NRX Plus Spey rods SKU: $ 975.00 aggressive casting and heavy headed lines streamer. Stable than its predecessor with NPS: if you are looking for a handed. Freshwater rods, Reels, line speed a dark grey blank color 8 6... And stable throughout the swing is difficult enough Review of an NRX rod the! Foot 4-weight rod, but the 7100 earns its place between the 6 and the Asquith 9ft. Nymphing rods to try Wulff BTT, but the end result is automatic generate high line speed resin. Year there is also included this rod has endless capability at distance loomis nrx plus 6wt review the. Bass rod comparable fly rod line weight: 6 unbelievable with a roll the!, we ’ re here to announce that they ’ ve made even. The business every rod in the 50-90 foot range for several months and the Asquith and Radian mid-range... Love it will benefit from better technology making a long leader with an audible pop Four-season anglers! Stoneflies or nymph rigs, streamers and even substituting as a top performing 9 foot 4-weight truly. Nice package from G. Loomis NRX fly rod was dreamy and the Rio Technical trout line validation... And probably a ton of strength in the NRX+ 490 feels like a fishing tool and capable.

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